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Financial support is critical to the ability of our association to continue positively impacting students, alumni, and our community. As a non-profit, our association actively seeks funding to continue providing support to our scholarship recipients, improving outreach efforts to engage alumni, and promoting public health.

We use PayPal for online donations. If you are interested in giving to the association online, please follow the steps below to reduce costs or simply click on the PayPal Donate button below to donate.

Donation letters for tax purposes will be given upon request. Please email for your letter.

 Mahalo for your support!

For checks send (payable) to:

UHSPHAA Treasurer

PO Box 161258

Honolulu, Hawaii 96816-0926

Instructions for Sending Money Via Paypal Friends & Family Option
**These instructions assume user already has a Paypal account linked to bank account or credit card.**


  1. Go to Paypal and log into your account

  2. Under "Send & Request" type in “” as the recipient and then click "Next"

  3. Enter donation amount and choose "Sending to a friend" as the option

  4. Choose whether to send using Bank Account method (free) or credit card (not free). Fees are dependent on sending method.

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